What is TapTab.io

TapTab.io (點指音樂) is a digital music education platform for music teachers to create interactive lessons.

Teachers only need to upload a musical score and video/audio. Then, TapTab.io will generate the interactive scores via TapTab services. It is a bit like karaoke with an emphasis on playing instruments.

Students can access TapTab lesson on web browsers and mobile devices via TapTab Apps

TapTab.io is now being used in Schools, Music Centres and Book Publishers.

TapTab.io is an awardee of Hong Kong ICT Best Lifestyle Awards in 2016

How TapTab lesson looks like?

Adjust the tempo of the score and video

Synchronize the score with video.

Features Highlight

Interactive Score

Realtime Tempo Adjustment

Realtime Audio Mixer

Music Utilities

Behaviour Analytics (Beta)

Synthesis Music (Beta)

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